About me

              Live Action Hero ©
              Live Action Hero ©

Hi! I'm Roger (actually Michele).

As stated above, I love shooting live action, with its lights, energy and unpredictability. My philosophy is simple: freezing a piece of the action! No set up stages; no artificial environments. Live action reportage, from backstage & rearsal, through the live, 'till the after party. You chose it, you get it: be a set of pictures or just one single shoot, the image has to bring you as close as possible to the emotions & fun of the crowd attending the gig.


I love also natural landscapes, architecture or specific situations. They act less than bands, but they can be quite alive in terms of delivered emotions. And to me, the challenge is the same: trying to capture it in an image capable of conveying the closest possible feeling. But depending on the subject, they need to tickle my visual & emotional interest somehow.


Photography and post-processing are both done by me. I don’t do prints! I work only digital. And I am based in Tokyo. So if you are a band living here or just going through and you want a piece of your action, contact me for info, detail or booking. Every action is different and every request is different. Keep in mind that 'perfection' and 'planning' does not belong to & can not always fit live-action world. But we can certainly find a suitable agreement for everybody's needs. 



All pictures posted here are low-res version of the originals and are © of the author and, where licensed, of the relative bands. Bands and folks that did not request services, but that are here portrayed, can request copies of their images any time. An 'as-they-are' non commercial digital use ONLY license usually can come for FREE (it means you get the pictures but you are not allowed to print/modify/commercialize them). Any other image license comes at a cost. People tend to forget that, but... also digital photography has costs.